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My last day at the Atlas Mountain Race.


Bikepacking is the best way to explore our beautiful world. Get lost and find your own way. Looking for new routes, stories or inspiration? Click here.

Riding through Arabell Valley


It can be a long way to tackle your first ultra endurance event. Go here to read more about stories, preparations and retrospects.

Performance Diagnostic


Ultra endurance racing is somewhere between physical performance and mental toughness. Find out how I address these issues in my daily training.

Halva - best high calory food that I found in Kyrgyzstan.


Eating whatever and as much as you want. Not really. But you can eat a lot during your races. Have a closer look into what´s the right food before, during and after the races and in your daily training.

Break in Kyrgyzstan


Bikes. Clothes. Sleeping and camping equipment. These topic is about everything that you need for the races. Even entire kit lists of my races.

Raphael Albrecht aka cyclingrapha

The man behind cyclingrapha

Hey, my friends call me Rapha. Like the brand, just not that popular. I like to eat! Pasta, pizza, chocolate, peanut butter…it’s a never-ending list. However, I’m somehow allergic to fruits and some other healthy stuff. But take this, I’m starting to make friends with some mean vegetables. Spinach, rocket salad and avocado are the newest members in my friends list. But there are still some enemies. Tomatoes are the worst! What else to say? I like REAL adventures, I jump out of planes, I like coffee (holding a barista licence), techno and metal is the music that keeps me pushing the pedals, Pasta & Pizza keep me alive, three brothers/ no sister, former table tennis player (somewhere between amateur and professional), Berlin-lover, Australia-lover, world-lover. And most important, I’m a gravel grinder, pedal crusher, bikepacker, ice-cream-lover, dog-not-lover, ultra distance cyclist, who (sometimes) loves the preparation more than the actual race, who is getting crazy when it comes to route planning or gear selection. Bikepacking changed my life and I look forward to take you into this world of never-ending stories, joy, happiness, satisfaction and challenges, but also a world of pain, fear and frustration.

Listen to my way from a  full-time employee at a consulting company to an ultra endurance cyclist and all the little steps in between on the Biketour Global podcast.

Getting Social!

Explore my channel and find interesting pictures of my races, have insides to my thoughts and feelings and see the beauty of the nature I explore. I’m happy to read and answer your comments. See you on Instagram.

On cyclingstories you will find news and updates about ultra distance races.

Get in touch, discuss about bikepacking stuff in groups or take part on social rides via my Facebook account.

Follow my Tracks, have nice Insides to my routes and training distances. You can also share yours and I’m happy to drive it. Hope to have some travel mates on strava soon.

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